Vajiram & Ravi IAS Study Center - Study Materials, Fees & Admissions

Vajiram and Ravi are not only the names, but it is the pioneer coaching institution in the sphere of IAS Coaching. Commenced in the year 1976 under the leadership of Prof. P. Velayutham, the institute has played a crucial role to date to turn the dream of many aspirants into reality by helping them to secure coveted jobs in the respective civil services. Since its conception, the institution holds a prominent position and retaining its position for more than 40 years. specialization evidences their supreme level guidance provided to the aspirants.

NOTE: Because of COVID19, Now IAS Institute teaching classes using Teachable & Kajabi. But you don't know Which is Best for Your Online Course. Then read Teachable vs Kajabi from Selling to Big companies. Both the two platforms are now different in their objectives for the sets of audiences.

The coaching institute is known for its academic excellence in IAS coaching and this is well reflected in the aspirants who come out of the institute with better knowledge. The teaching staffs and faculty at the Vajiram and Ravi have specialization in their respective domains and they have obtained the teaching experiences from colleges and universities of international repute. For, attention and to ensure all subject areas are covered with sufficient details, at least two educators are assigned for a single subject. The coaching center supervises with specialization number of teaching staff who educates the students and monitor correspondence education that, in preparation of reading materials and fulfills the coaching requirements.

Vajiram and Ravi IAS Study Center: Benefits

Since the UPSC examinations are now becoming quite challenging students are, more focused on taking classroom courses at Vajiram and Ravi. The classroom courses have many benefits as it supervises the students and it's them with adequate attention. The classroom courses further empower the students to have optimal accessibility to the doubt clearing sessions and other feedback sessions. The institute offers its students with three sessions and all these sessions cover the entire syllabus of the GS Mains and GS Prelims along with aptitude papers for Prelims and the deals papers too. The classroom courses at the institute cover all the subjects including economics, sociology, public administration, geography, history and more.

Apart from classroom sources, the institute also offers postal courses, and this is mainly for the students who can’t travel or afford to come to Delhi for classroom courses. In the postal courses, the students are likely to get study materials covering the entire UPSC syllabus. They are offered with updated materials and books along with notes and it is offered at periodic intervals so that the student covers everything without missing anything essential.

Vajiram and Ravi Study Materials, Fee Structure & Admission!

The study materials for GFS Mains and Prelims can be obtained from the institute itself with a payment of Rs. 9000. Admission is also possible online by filling the online admission form available on the website of the institute.  The payment for courses varies depending upon the type, of course, you are intending to take.

The course duration for GS Prelims and Mains is 36 weeks and the fees are 160000/-, while the CSAT course fee is 19000/- and it last for 12 weeks. There is also the course of the optional subject which lasts for 16 weeks and the course fee is 50000/-


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