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Renée McCarthy is a psychologist and workplace therapist.  She has served as the in-house therapists for more than five big companies in America. She is currently working on her debut novel that is a fictionalization of her experiences as a psychologist and the various colourful stories she had heard from clients.  Renée was the resident psychologist at Our Lady's Hospital, Pittsburgh P.A for ten years.

She has had a very eventful past although people find it hard to believe that she was the President of the Gamma Phi Betta sorority while in college.  She lives a tame life now in Steel City with her husband and his hilarious mother.


Make A Daily "to-do" List And Keep It Within Reach

It will be very helpful for you to have a to-do list at a very conspicuous position on your desk. Most people prefer to use their mobile devices and computers for this purpose but this could make you vulnerable to distractions.

All you have to do is check out that funny Instagram feed and you are hooked for the next four hours. Therefore, try to keep your to-do list at a place where you can readily consult it. It will serve as a guide for your daily activities.

Make Your Computer Distraction-free

Make sure that your computer's desktop is free of programs that can distract you.


If you have to do so for whatever program that is distracting you, endeavour to do so..


If you have an untidy desk, you will most likely not be able to focus at work.


Don't let yourself be constrained by the set guidelines every other worker is following doggedly.


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